Tornado in Coldwater

About 5AM we were woken by a terrific noise and shaking of our motor home. We immediately got up and pulled in the slides, but we heard some banging on the roof. Wasn’t much we could do until it got light the next morning.

With the light it was obvious some serious winds had come through the area. Picnic tables destroyed and scattered through the park, heavy grills blown over, and our driver side awning was pulled loose. Fortunately everything else missed us, nearby building had their roofs torn off.

But we were fortunate. The slide topper had been pulled loose, but no damage otherwise. I was lucky to find a mobile RV repair crew who got the spring wound up and the topper re-installed. We dodged a bullet this time…


More updates

We had an excellent summer, traveling to Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan and back to Dallas.  The coach worked well but there were some little improvements I felt we could make.  Making some use of non travel time…

The pantry is way too dark, even with the hall lights on.  So I added LED lights that turn on and off when you open/close the pantry door.  Much better!

The radio had a noisy cooling fan.  The unit worked fine, just noisy.  So I got a brand new radio and installed it.  Same radio as in the 2019  Cornerstones….  While we’re at it, we also replaced the switcher for the rear monitor.  It was noisy and would occasionally beep, which was irritating, especially at night.  It’s now fixed.

Wet bay plumbing

The old wet bay used a flexible hose to send the water from the reel to the coach.  Every time you wanted to backflush, you needed to hook up a separate water line.  And it needed to be pressure regulated.

So I moved the pressure regulator inside the wet bay, replumbed the water, and added two valves… one as a main water supply valve and one for flushing the black tank.  I added a second check valve to preclude any chance of black tank contents getting into the fresh water lines.  Much simpler hookup, much simpler black tank flush.


New wiper arm, cargo tray

Although the fix I made on the wiper arm looked to be OK, I decided that getting a new one would be better.   Got the part number from Entegra (0246790), ordered it locally, and installed it.  Did torque it down to the specified 65 ft. lbs.

This coach only has one cargo tray, and I was used to having two. Since we are in Elkhart, and MorRyde (cargo tray manufacturer) is here, this as an excellent time to get an extra one.  Drove over to the MorRyde facilities and they installed one.  Now all I have to do is re-organize for the additional pullout tray.

2015 Entegra Aspire

So we finally decided to get a new(er) motor home to replace our 2009 Monaco Camelot.  We drove to Dixie RV in Hammond, LA specifically to see an American Revolution coach they had in inventory.  But once we saw it, and test drove it, we decided against it.  Instead, we looked at buying a new Tiffen Allegro 40ft coach and actually completed the paperwork.

But once we started cleaning up our Camelot and getting ready to move all our “stuff”  it became clear that we were not ready to go to a smaller coach.  Just then a trade in arrived, a 2015 Entegra Aspire with only 17,000 miles.  The owners, a Florida couple, were gtrading it in on a new Entegra Anthem.  We met and talked with the prior owner and thought this may be the coach for us.  So we agreed on the price and purchased it.

So here are some pictures taken the first day we saw the coach.