Darn jumping stumps!

The Thousand Trails RV Park in Mt. Vernon has a few tight turns.  In particular, one tight right turn was followed immediately with an even tighter left turn.  There was a small bush in the first turn, but no problem.  Wrong!  There was an old rotten stump hiding in the foliage and I heard it scrape the coach.  Ouch!  Turns out I damaged the bottom of three bay doors.   Thankfully, most of the damage was cosmetic although I did replace two hinges on one door.

One of the best RV body shops in the south is Xtreme Graphics in Nacagdoches.  After all, they are one of the few certified Prevost repair places around.  There are two problems though, finding a time slot to do the repairs and of course paying for it.  Since these guys are the best, I scheduled repairs to be made early January.  After vthat, the coach will be better than new.  And I’m sure my wallet will recover too.


New CO/LP detector, toilet

As usual, the CO/LP detector did not go off until 1AM.  Sure is noisy at that time of night!  Anyway, since the life cycle of these devices is 5 years, and our coach is now 4 years old, thought it would be prudent to replace it.  So here it is, a brand spanking new (manufacture date March 2019) CO/LP detector.

Also, the Thetford toilets are quite water frugal and work great in an RV setting. But the ball that seals the opening is quite sensitive to dirt and aggressive cleaning. Ours was starting to leak down so I installed a new ball and seal. Should be good for another 5 years or so.

New windshield

Our trip from Michigan to Portland was a pleasant one.  No issues, the coach worked flawlessly.  Until we headed south from Portland on I-5, when some large object smashed into our windshield.  It left a target shaped crack, high in the middle of the glass.  So the best part was that the damage was outside our field of vision.

We were lucky in anther way, but RVGlass.. the largest RV Glass place and supplier to Entegra for all their windshields.. was located in Coburg, near Eugene.  So only an hour or so from our camp site in Florida.  And yet more luck… Geico covered the full replacement cost.

So now we have a nice, new clean windshield.  Hope it stays that way….

That “bullseye” is about 6″ across
Nice new windshield!

Slide motor repair

I noticed the the curb side front slide motor was getting loose, enough so that I was worried about it possible breaking.  The lag bolts holding the motor bracket had actually pulled the subfloor loose due to the high stresses in this design. I did manufacture a support for the bracket but it didn’t hold as well as I liked. So I had it checked at NIRVC and they built a new metal frame so the motor will never get loose again.

Only problem was this repair was not covered by warranty as it hadn’t actually broken.  So I had to pay $1,700 for the repair, however, that’s better than possibly actually breaking somewhere on the road when it would be most inconvenient.

My first attempt to reinforce the motor mount bracket

NIRVC fabricated a bracket (not visible) that is welded to the two stringers

New radiator, compressor

As mentioned, our radiator started leaking.  So this was replaced by NIRVC under my extended warranty.  Good thing I had it, this saved me some $4,000.  The only costs to me were shipping and some consumables, totaling some $250.

Also, I have been having problems with my dash air.  Inspection showed that the compressor had bad bearings, putting too much load on the system.  So this too was replaced under warranty.  Again, only costs were for oil and consumables, under $100.

Poor picture, but there is is… a new radiator!
And a brand new compressor. Dash air works great now!

Joining the radiator club

Like so many other Entegra owners, I finally had a leaking radiator. Of course, my Aspire is out of warranty, but fortunately, I have the Camper’s Edge Extended Warranty from NIRVC. They will cover the full cost of replacement, my coach is there now waiting for the radiator to show up from Spartan. So while definitely undesirable, at least I am covered for the cost and it happened at a time when I am in Dallas anyway.

As long as the coach is in the shop I will have them replace the dash AC compressor and the fireplace, both under warranty.  Guess my warranty cost is going to pay off….