New camera(s)….

The rear view camera that came with the coach was a very basic one, with a poor view of the rear.  I use this a lot to check on the tow cafr, also to make sure I can change lanes.  So I bought and indtalled a new HD camera.  Gives a much better image!   And, it has IR capabilities so it works in the dark, too.

While I was at it, thought I may as well add a dash camera.  This device records a front view as well as location, time and speed.  Very useful in case of an accident to see who’s at fault.


Electrical protection

I’ve always been a believer in protecting the coach from electrical issues, and the best way to do that is to use an electrical protection system. In prior coaches, I’ve alsways installed a Progressive Industries EMS, but in the Aspire I had been using a portable EMS system. So when I saw the new Watchdog by Hughes Autoformer I knew that is what I wanted.

Not only does the Watchdog protect from over voltage, under voltage, and improper park wiring it uses Bluetooth to communicate the system status on a phone or tablet. So it is easy to tell exactly what condition the electrical system is, as well as how much power you are using, from the comfort of your chair.

I mounted the system in the electrical bay, so when I hook up the system will check the electrical parameters and if all is well it shows a white dog face and turns the power off. If something is wrong it keeps the power off for safety and lets you know by a red dog face. Sweet!

New wiper arm, cargo tray

Although the fix I made on the wiper arm looked to be OK, I decided that getting a new one would be better.   Got the part number from Entegra (0246790), ordered it locally, and installed it.  Did torque it down to the specified 65 ft. lbs.

This coach only has one cargo tray, and I was used to having two. Since we are in Elkhart, and MorRyde (cargo tray manufacturer) is here, this as an excellent time to get an extra one.  Drove over to the MorRyde facilities and they installed one.  Now all I have to do is re-organize for the additional pullout tray.

Safe-T-Plus and SnapPads

This week we added two items for safety and convenience.

First, we installed SnapPads. These are pads made from recycled tires and fit snugly on the leveling jack pads.  They help distribute the weight, give better ground contact (especially on softer soil) and even provide some electrical isolation during thunderstorms.  But the biggest benefit is no more on the hands and knees to place wood and other pads under the jacks.

Then we had Pro Tire in Denton install the Safe-T-Plus.  This helps dramatically in case of a front tire blowout, as it helps prevent the coach suddenly pulling to the side of the blowout.  And it helps keep th coach straight on the highway with less impact from wind and passing trucks.


New steer tires

The coach came with Goodyear G670 tires.  The rears are 275/80R22.5, which have not had any significant problems.  However, the front were the infamous G670 295/80R22.5 tires.  These are known to have problems, and have a reputation of blowouts even when they were young.

So for safety’s sake we replaced them with Michelin X Coach HL tires.  These are more expensive, but are known to be more reliable.  Plus they have an additional 1,000 lbs or so carrying capacity.  Not cheap, but then safety has no price.

Michelin X Coach HL 295/80R22.5 tires

Aquahot out, new additions

The Aquahot quit working, and on inspection a circulation pump had gone bad.  Very common problem, pump replaced under warranty.  Took it to my friend Rudy Legett who replaced the pump with one of the new Buehler pumps, much better quality.  Now both pumps are Buehlers.

Some smaller things.  Added a small slide tray in the front bay so I can have easier access to my tool box.  Moved the subwoofer from the dinette to behind the fireplace (lots of space there!).  Added a wine rack where the subwoofer was.

Old pump on left, Buehler pump on right
Toolbox now has easier access
Moved subwoofer behind fireplace
Good place for a wine rack