Buying – Dixie RV

Dixie RV had treated us well, at least, before the sale.  We changed our minds several times about which coach we wanted, and they went right along with our changing wishes. They were agreeable to changes, requests for more info, etc. etc.  But that changed after the sale.

We noted on the sales document that they had included a $1,500 “PDI Charge”.  So we assumed they would do a superb job getting the coach ready for us.  During our final inspection, we noted several items that needed to be fixed.  The house batteries were in terrible shape, there were several paint damage areas, and some other minor items.  They agreed to repair/replace and got the coach ready for us.

The physical move took us well into the evening.  That was when we noted that several lights were out, a retaining clip was missing on the door, the radio had an error making it inoperable.  The lights were fixed, the rest required parts that had to be ordered, and they agreed to ship them to us.  In all fairness to them, the coach was traded in one day and we bought it the next.  We didn’t give them much time.

Once back in Lewisville we noted that several lights were still out, enough so that we couldn’t pass inspection.  And the lights they did use were poor quality, so we replaced many of them.  We requested status on the ordered parts multiple times, every time we were assured they were ordered.  Only now, 5 weeks after the sale, are we starting to see some of the parts.  Meanwhile, in order to pass inspection, I ordered the some of the same parts from NIRVC and received them in a week.

In addition, work that had been done by Dixie were, in my opinion, poorly and cheaply done.  For example, they cleaned the front of the battery box but behind it was still corroded and a terrible mess.  Some of the lights they replaced were over-torqued so that the lenses were cracked.  Maybe we just rushed them too much, but that’s an excuse.

Multiple lights out in the back
Two lights out in the front
Broken door strip
Batteries in terrible shape

Author: John Laninga

Traveling full time in our motor home

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